Our two historic buildings require ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Even though the Hockley Historic Community Hall & Church (HHCHC) is run entirely by volunteers, our organization has to occasionally hire outside tradespeople to complete work which adds to our costs; as well as our ongoing operating costs (heat, hydro etc.). Donations are most appreciated. HHCHC is a registered charity through the Canada Revenue Agency and is able to issue income tax receipts.

Donations can be made by:

1. Etransfer to info@hockleyvillage.com
2. Cheque - made out to "Hockley Historic Community Hall & Church". Mailing address: 994174 Mono-Adjala Townline, Mono, ON L9W 6H8
3. Cash - Please contact us at info@hockleyvillage.com to make arrangements.

Please email us at info@hockleyvillage.com for more information.

Flipgive and Fundscrip is another way to give and the details are outlined below.

Please join us in some easy and quick online fundraising. All you have to do is shop anytime, with the brands you already love. Hockley Historic Community Hall & Church will receive donations of up to 10% for every online purchase made.

We are using 2 different fundraising companies. FlipGive and / or FundScrip.

Here are some marketing videos and further info below, to allow you to easily support our fundraising efforts. Completely virtual and contactless !


To join FlipGive, simply use this link immediately below.

Or enter this code: QFRVF2 on the FlipGive website. (www.flipgive.com)



To join FundScrip, simply use this link immediately below.

Or enter this code: 73LYLK on the FundScrip website. (www.fundscrip.com)

You can purchase 3 different products through FundScrip.

1) Gift cards, and have them shipped to you OR anywhere across Canada.
2) E Gift Cards, for immediate usage. You can also email your E Gift Cards to recipients of your choice.
3) Reloadable gift cards.

If you have questions regarding either program, please feel free to reach out via email to: info@hockleyvillage.com, with "fundraising" in the subject line. Someone will get back to you promptly.

Thank you so very much for your consideration.

Hockley Historic Community Hall & Church, Board of Directors